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Bologna 2007

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All children are miracles

My each visit to a school or a library confirms my belief that children are miracles that await to be discovered - some of them dare to come up themselves. In any case, it is us, grown-ups, who are responsible either for the discovery of these hidden treasures or the encouragement of the disclosed ones. 
   Personally, when being a schoolchild, I was lucky with my essays, as no teacher ever intervened in my writing style and they always encouraged me in different ways. Only once, in the sixth grade of primary school, when I brought to the class a poem which, as I said, "someone on my mind dictated it to me", did I notice a strange smile trying to hide under my teacher's thick moustache. Although he asked me to read it to class, that strange smile haunted me and never did I bring a poem to there again.
   Why do I recal all these? Because I happen to have in my hands two pieces of work that the 1st Gymnasium Lavrion teacher , Maria Mpereti, has sent me. The work belongs to her student, Iro Tsakidi, 2nd Grade, and it consits of a fairytale (4 paragraphs in all that manage to cancel death) and prose (just 1 paragraph incredibly too good for a child of her age). I am quoting the last sentence:
"But has anyone ever wondered if the world where we live is darker than the shadows we are afraid of? "